The Complete Submissive Desires Trilogy

Some women just want to be owned, craving submission, becoming obedient and docile dolls, meant for pleasure. And some women just want to own, needing only to possess another, offering harsh discipline and unrelenting ecstasy. This gripping three story collection explores the dark side of lesbian desire, a heart stopping trilogy of girls who kneel and the women they kneel to.

Owned: For her entire life, Jessica Martin has played by the rules. Get good grades, get a good job, get a boyfriend. But underneath her mundane life of conformity, she always craved more. A dark desire that she dare not face, a desire to be owned. When Jessica meets the sensual and insatiable Lydia she learns that everything can be bought. Including her.

Bound: Lisa is smart and cute, a recent graduate in a new city. Invited to an illicit exhibition of modern art in a seedy part of town, Lisa has no idea what to expect. But Lisa is about to be drawn into the dark and sensual world of The Artist, an insatiable lesbian who binds hot female bodies with rope and chains, creating art out of pleasure, capturing the hot ecstasy of female love. And Lisa is about to become part of her hottest work yet.

Used: Nicole Preston is rich and bored, living a life of expectation, following the rules that her family and society set for her. Suzy is a dominant and sensual lesbian biker, an insatiable free spirit who see what’s she wants and takes it. When the pair meet by chance in a downtown bar, Nicole falls into the dangerous and sordid world of Suzy, realizing that what she really wants is something only Suzy can give her: to be utterly used.