SubAir: Taken in the Cockpit

SubAir: Taken in the Cockpit by Ella Ford

Jenny Jones is a hostess with SubAir, an exclusive airline flown by some of the most powerful men and women on the planet. She’s willing, sensual and subservient, submitting to every sordid whim that her passengers demand. Jenny’s sole desire is to serve, to offer her body to those who require it, a constant pursuit of obedience and pleasure.

On a private flight to a tropical paradise, Jenny finds her abilities tested by an aloof politician and his sultry wife. The puritanical head of state seems utterly uninterested in the services offered by Jenny and her crew. But his insatiable wife may have other ideas! What perverted measures will Jenny have to take to help him relax and enjoy his flight? And who is going to keep the randy pilots happy?

Taken In The Cockpit is the second book in the SubAir trilogy and the sizzling sequel to Girls In Training.