SubAir: Lesbian Layover

Lesbian Layover by Ella Ford

It’s just another flight for Jenny Jones. As a hostess with SubAir, the exclusive airline where the stewardesses are there to serve you in every way you can possibly imagine, the prospect of an entire offensive line of randy and athletic football players doesn’t worry Jenny or her colleagues in the slightest. She’ll happily take them in her stride, and in other places as well…

And when the flight is over, Jenny is happy to offer herself to the Captain and the First Officer, to entertain them during the layover. But this flight is different. Captain Cindy Monroe and First Officer Dana Williams are SubAir’s first all-female flight crew and these insatiable lesbians have plans for Jenny and her colleagues that will see the sensual and willing hostesses tested to the very limits of their submission!

Join Jenny for the heart-stopping final installment of the SubAir trilogy and a sapphic adventure that you will never forget!