Pantyhose Professionals

Working girls like feet too…

Becky is a recent graduate with a sexy secret. This hot young woman likes girls, and she reallylikes feet. As a college student, Becky had no problem fulfilling her insatiable desires, finding like-minded lesbians wherever she looked, teasing them with her soft pantyhose toes, luring them down sordid paths where the destination was endless pleasure. If college life taught her one thing, it was that everyone likes feet.

Now, as she enters the working world, Becky hopes to swap co-eds for secretaries and kinky professors for horny bosses, continuing her sensual exploration of her deepest desires with a whole new cast of sexy playmates and their irresistible feet. But Becky is about to discover that things are very different in the world beyond college. She’s no longer a big fish in a small pond, and if she’s going to get what she wants the most, she’s going to have to work very hard indeed.