Pantyhose College

Everybody likes feet…

Becky has a sordid secret. This hot young college student has a secret fetish, a strange desire that she dare not confront. Becky is a girl-who-likes-girls-who-like-feet, an insatiable foot fetishist who loves painted toes and soft, sensual pantyhose. As Becky embarks on her college life, she firmly believes that she is unique in the world, destined to be alone, her intense longings sure to remain unfulfilled.... because really, how many female foot lovers could there possibly be?

But Becky is about to find out that her intoxicating desires are far more common than she ever dared dream possible. In no time at all, she’s plunged into a hot, steamy world of insatiable Professors, horny sorority girls and curious roommates, sexy feet and long, toned legs. Becky is about to learn far more about the world than calculus books could ever teach her!