Maid To Be Spanked

"One of the Senator's maids was going to be spanked and a nervous air had descended on the house..."

College girl Melissa knows that Nicole Steadman is enigmatic and charming; a young Senator swept to power on a wave of social media and public adoration. Working as a volunteer on her election campaign, Melissa finds herself captivated by the older woman, seduced by her bold promises and thrilling idealism. And when Senator Steadman offers Melissa a job after the campaign is over, Melissa jumps at the chance, relishing the opportunity to be part of something big and life-changing.
But the Senator is driven by dark desires and insatiable needs, and the role she has in mind for Melissa is very different to what the naive young volunteer believes. Joining other girls at the Senator's vast house, Melissa finds herself employed as a maid, a domestic servant whose duties go way beyond cooking and cleaning. In no time at all, Melissa learns that the Senator's public persona is very different to how she behaves behind closed doors, and a tantalizing world of pleasure and pain reveals itself to her.
Is a life of lesbian servitude and submission what Melissa really wants? And what is the stunning secret behind Senator Steadman's epic rise to power?