How I Became Her Pet

BANNED: This book was considered too racy for Amazon! It is only available as part of the Kinky BDSM Mega Bundle.

"As you know, I value obedience over everything. My pets must obey me unquestioningly. As such, when one of my pets disobeys me, it should be punished. Do you understand?"

When Melissa applied for the job as Felicia Jones’ dog sitter, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. It seemed like an easy gig: a couple of walks a day, fill up a bowl with water or food, and take the money at the end of the week.

But after one careless error, Melissa finds herself providing a very different service to Ms. Jones. Collared, leashed and completely naked, Melissa becomes the willing and obedient human pet of a woman with peculiar desires and an insatiable appetite. This wilful college student soon realizes that the depths of submission are very deep indeed and, most surprising of all, that she actually likes it!