Her Best Friend Likes Feet

Her Best Friend Likes Feet by Ella Ford

Joanne’s best friend Abby has a kinky little secret. The pretty brunette has a foot fetish, a love of female feet and toes and pantyhose; a curious and unsatisfied longing that she dare not act on. In a frank conversation, Abby reveals her hidden desires to her best friends, a nervous confessional that is awkward, yet alive with sexual longing.

Unexpectedly, her bold admission resonates in Joanne’s mind and awakens something deep within. Soon, Joanne finds herself driven by peculiar thoughts and strange desires, a lingering memory of her best friend’s intense hunger. Reluctantly, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, of revelation and realization. But just how far will she take this new obsession?

And how can she help her best friend to confront her own desires?