Collecting Christa, Curious Lawyer

Some girls just won’t be owned…

Claudia Ross is obsessive, driven, meticulous; a wealthy collector with a very surprising hobby. Claudia Ross collects women, human dolls who serve her every sordid whim, allowing themselves to be used, to be owned, to be possessed. Because Claudia Ross knows that some girls want nothing more than to cast off the shackles of modern responsibility, to give themselves to another, to surrender to total, unending pleasure.

Christa Black is a successful lawyer, brilliant and gorgeous, and representing one of Claudia Ross’ greedy relatives in a frivolous lawsuit. But Christa soon finds herself drawn into Claudia’s world, seduced by the promise of liberation from the burden of autonomy. How deep will she go in pursuit of her new lesbian desires? And what new urges will her life as a living doll awaken in the hot, young blonde?