Lisa is smart and cute, a recent graduate in a new city. So when her best friend Sam invites her to an illicit exhibition of modern art in a seedy part of town, Lisa has no idea what to expect. Neither does Sam for that matter, knowing only that the artist in question creates living sculptures with the female body. But Lisa tags along anyway, wanting to support her friend as she finds her way in a new job. How bad could it possibly be?

The Artist is passionate and insatiable, an exotic predator who attracts submissive girls to her like moths to a flame. An older woman who is used to getting what she wants, The Artist creates sensual works with rope and tight restraints, using hot young bodies as her canvas, posing them and positioning them to capture thrilling moments of frozen pleasure. So when this enigmatic dominatrix meets the shy and inexperienced Lisa, she simply has to have her and will stop at nothing until she is part of her most audacious work yet!

This heart-stopping story of dark lesbian desire will have you on the edge of your seat and leave you breathless for more.